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Why Homeownership Matters – and How to Achieve Homeownership in Today’s Market

            June is National Homeownership Month – and homeownership is a huge accomplishment. There are a multitude of emotions that come with the path to homeownership, and we are here to make your journey seamless. Here at Peoples, we recognize that homeownership is personal – meaning it’s not just a business transaction.  We are excited to share a personal story of homeownership – with a couple who worked with us at Peoples to obtain their mortgage.

Meet Adriana and Cori, a – recently married – power couple, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Adriana and Cori shared how and why they became homeowners during an unpredictable housing market. Adriana and Cori believe that it was vital for them to buy a home – and you will find out why.

Homeownership is an asset – financially AND personally. Adriana and Cori believe that homeownership is important because they felt that rent was (and still is) skyrocketing out of control – and they questioned why they would continue to pay a mortgage for an apartment instead of getting a real mortgage. The monthly cost for their 700 square foot apartment was roughly the same as it was for a mortgage on their new home. Now Cori and Adriana are paying roughly the same for their house that they were paying for their apartment.

Homeownership can help you achieve your financial goals long term.

Adriana and Cori felt that their path to homeownership went much better than expected – and they would even say the process was seamless. During the mortgage application process, everything was completed quickly and ready to go in 30 days. At first, Adriana and Cori didn’t believe they would get the house they wanted – however, they were prequalified for their mortgage in 72 hours! They were thrilled to see that everything was taken care of – and they were able to close on their dream home in 30 days!

Homeownership is an emotional journey.

Adriana and Cori knew right away that they were making the right decision when they first walked into their home. There were happy tears as they both immediately envisioned their future in the home – including having enough space for their 5 fur-babies and for raising a family.

Adriana and Cori LOVE homeownership – they enjoy taking pride in maintaining their home and it just feels good to have a place to call their forever home. They love filling up their home with décor, including plants! They also enjoy working from home and they emphasize that being home feels safe. There is also a perk in the freedom to revamp their home as needed – i.e. painting projects, redecorating – and not worrying about landlords. Overall, Adriana and Cori appreciate their full ownership in their home, and it adds to their sense of security and safety in their everyday lives.

Adriana and Cori are thrilled to have found their dream home – and they have some advice for those who are just beginning their path to homeownership:

  • Make sure that everyone who works with you is your #1 advocate.
  • Get referrals from people who have already gone through the process – and find people who are successful in the mortgage and homebuying process, especially during the ups and downs in the housing market.
  •  Ensure that you’re comfortable with who you’re working with during your journey to homeownership.

Homeownership is more than just a financial decision – it is a life changing event that may ensure a positive financial future and will bring positivity to your life. Adriana and Cori found their forever home with us, and they are advocates for homeownership. When you are ready to take the next step to find your dream home, reach out to us at Peoples Mortgage Company. You can check out Peoples reviews/testimonials here.

At Peoples Mortgage, it’s ALL about the People!

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