Top Things to Look For

Top Things to Look for When Buying a Home

Touring several homes can be an overwhelming task. Potential buyers often try to take in as much as possible and end up missing the important details of a home. Instead of being dazzled by the attractive staging, here are a few vital things to look for that should actually sway your homebuying decisions:


The nose knows. Your sense of small can pick up the odors of mold and mildew. Try to sniff past any artificial scents to pick up cigarette and pet smells that are being covered up. These types of smells often stick to the walls and can be a source of agitation moving forward. Any other strong, random smells could be signs of bigger problems with the home.

Walls and Floors

While there are obvious focal points on a tour, be on the lookout for the things that may be less obvious. Issues with the walls and floors are often indicative of the property’s overall condition. Large cracks, warped floors, and water stains could be signs of larger issues that will require expensive repairs.


Take a walk about the entire property. Take note of the condition of the sides of the home, the roof, and gutters. Does the landscaping look like it will require a significant amount of upkeep? Are the windows and screens intact?


While you’ve probably done some preliminary research into the neighborhoods you’re looking at, get a ground-level feel for the area when you are looking at the home. Is it quiet or full of traffic? Are there stores, restaurants, or gas stations nearby? Look at the condition of other homes around the neighborhood. Are they well-kept or run down?

Signs of Pests

Pests can find their way into all sorts of hidden places. Make sure you look inside kitchen cabinets and drawers for mouse droppings and signs of termites and cockroaches. Check other places where food may have fallen, like behind the refrigerator for ants.

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