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New Home Checklist

Turning the key in the door of your new home can feel like opening the door to many future adventures and happy memories for you and your family. We know there is a lot to do in order to feel settled in your new place. Whether you are moving for work or personal reasons, the process can be very exciting and yet exhausting at the same time. We are here to help you on this journey by providing a checklist of things to do now that you are ready to move in! 

Here are some important points and reminders to utilize to stay on track: 


First and foremost, make sure the utilities are turned on in your new place and transferred into your name. You may have to call for technicians to come and set up your utilities, it’s crucial to go down the list and make sure they are in place before anything else. Be aware there may be a fee for a service change involved. 

Such utilities include: 

  • Electricity 
  • Gas 
  • Water / Sewer 
  • Cable / Internet 
  • Home Security / Phone Lines 
  • Trash and Recycle Services 

This reminder will help ensure you have these essentials set up for you and your family to function in the home right away. 


As with anything in life, safety should always be a priority. We understand that your family comes first, their well-being and protection is of utmost importance. As you move in, you need to locate the fuse box and the main shutoff valves for gas, water, and propane. You should test (or replace, if necessary) the current smoke detectors, as well as check on the heating and cooling ventilation systems. If a home inspector has already completed this task, you are on track and should remain vigilant for any future in-home maintenance. 

If you have young children (or pets), it’s time to childproof your new home! When moving, certain items can be put out in the open (even temporarily) that can be dangerous to little ones who are curious. Remember to put up safety gates, cover outlets, secure furniture and cords, lock cabinets, and put away all cleaners and chemicals to avoid accidents! 

Ultimately, you want to be the only one who can unlock your doors too! Part of home security includes changing the locks of your new home in order to prevent previous key holders from entering your residence unexpectedly. That, along with an added home security system, can help you stay in control of the safety of your family and home.  


Unpacking everything can seem daunting but having an organized method to the madness can help move along the work and get all the rooms set up fast. We recommend bringing out essential items first such as toiletries, bedding, food, dishes, and the like to prevent scrambling around while searching for them when needed. Then you can unpack any non-essentials in each room at a pace that works best for you. Practicing this kind of prioritization will help make the entire moving operation go smoother and hopefully with less stress. 

Updating Personal Information 

You have a new home, and now you must share your new address with everyone! Don’t worry, this is usually quite fun for family and friends who want to celebrate with you in your new place. When changing and updating your personal information there are more than pretty announcements to consider when obtaining a new location. 

You need to update your address for: 

  • Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration 
  • United States Postal Service 
  • Employer 
  • Tax Agencies (IRS and State) 
  • Medical Providers and Insurance Companies (you may also need new providers) 
  • Social Security Administration (if you receive Security benefits) 
  • Credit Card Companies 
  • Banking 
  • Voter Registration 

This is a great list to tackle early on, as many of these organizations and establishments require you to update documentation as soon as possible. Doing so will increase the ease of the entire moving process in the long run.  

You are Home 

With rooms to decorate, future home projects to do, and new neighbors to meet, it is time to feel right at home. Take in the moment and consider hosting a housewarming party for your family, friends, coworkers, and even the neighborhood. Getting to know the people living around you is not only vital for emergency purposes, but it can also lead to rewarding and long-lasting relationships as well.  

With home buying on the brain, it can be difficult to think about all the tasks that need to be done and the deadlines. Now that we have helped you obtain your dream home, our hope is that this checklist helps you get settled in so you can start enjoying it.  

Peoples Mortgage Company wants to welcome you home

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