The Power of Peoples: Denise Marie Demonstrates the Power of Giving Back

It’s no doubt COVID-19 has hit every nation hard these last few months. While America surveys the toll coronavirus has had on our nation, it’s important that we as citizens recognize the struggles of those who surround us and lend a helping hand. Peoples Mortgage’s own Denise Marie (Marketing) has done just that.

A Helper from the Beginning

From the moment COVID-19 became a global pandemic, Denise knew she needed to help. “All of this started with a need to get involved. My daughters and I saw the need for masks, so that’s what we decided to do.”

Borrowing a friend’s Singer sewing machine (and after teaching herself how to use it!), Denise and her team (her daughters, Ally and Jordan, along with family-friend and college student Autumn) started creating masks for their friends, family and basically anyone who asked for one. Pretty soon, the couple dozen homemade masks turned into over 800 hundred masks given as donations to ARIS, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Mary’s Food Bank, and delivery drivers.

Denise Marie shows off her final homemade mask made during COVID-19

A Nation in Crisis

In mid-April, The Navajo Nation saw an explosion in COVID-19 cases. Overwhelmed, they issued a plea for help… and Denise and her team stepped up. “We knew they needed help, and I thought ‘I wonder if they need masks.’ Turns out, they did.”

Not only did Denise, Ally, Autumn and Jordan sew over 180 masks for the Navajo Nation, they also collected 400 canned goods to help resupply their food banks. “We thought a food drive would be a great way to bring our community together to help, and we saw we weren’t the only ones who wanted to contribute. It has been so inspiring. We couldn’t have made such an impact without working together.”

Denise’s Team in Action. Pictured: Autumn Martin and Ally Owens
Denise’s Team in Action. Pictured: Jordan Savage

How You Can Help

Feeling inspired but don’t know how to sew?

Denise says not to worry. “Find your strength and use that to give back. Or do what we did and just learn how to do it through trial and error. I really had to research and figure out the best way to get effective masks made with our limited skill set. If we can do it, anyone can do it.”

Here are a few ways YOU can help the Navajo Nation get through this difficult time.

  • Donate money: This is the only official Navajo Nation Relief Fund. All monetary donations go towards purchasing medical and cleaning supplies, as well as goods for Tribal members.
  • Donate masks: Mask donations are still a much-needed item for the Navajo Nation. Donated masks are first going to elders and community hospitals.
  • Donate goods: Immediate needs include cleaning supplies, hand soap, toiletries, and non-perishable items. For a complete list of requested items, click here.
  • Work with local organizations: Denise’s team worked with Jordan’s friend’s church, Vineyard Gilbert, to transport items to the Navajo Nation (you can visit their site to learn how to donate supplies, food and masks). Many organizations around the nation are facilitating similar relief efforts. Search in your area to find one you can support!
  • Spread Awareness: Share this blog post with your friends and family on social media! It just might inspire them to get involved, too.

Our Sincere Thanks

At Peoples Mortgage, it’s all about the people. That doesn’t extend to just our Peoples family and clients, but to our neighbors, communities, people we don’t yet know and even people we’ll never meet. We sincerely thank Denise Marie for demonstrating this value so perfectly to her colleagues and community. We appreciate you and your efforts to make your community a safer and healthier place!

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